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Here's the site policy on this stuff - it will not be posted on this message board.

The Factory Service Manuals are copyrighted information from the manufacturers - they own the copyrights to this information. We cannot offer free service manual downloads, and we cannot condone the linking of free service manual downloads in posts or threads - it jeopardizes the message board. That means, if someone posts it, and we as Mods and Admins just let the post/thread go - then we support it. Not gonna happen.

If this message board offered a free download of a copyrighted service manual, that constitutes Copyright Infringement. That places the board in the position to be sued by the copyright holder. What could come of that? Well, lawsuits, obviously, and those are more and more outrageous everyday. What would happen to the board, in the event of a major lawsuit against the board, for such actions? Multi-million dollar lawsuit... Basically, in a nutshell, this board could cease to exist, with a quickness. It could be shut down.

Is a link to a service manual worth it? Nope.

That's why you won't see links to the manual (free downloads) here. The Mods and Admins are ALWAYS watching for that stuff. Don't link it in a post or thread, and quit asking for it. If you need a manual, hit up the local dealer and pick one up. Hit up the online OEM parts vendors (the Factory Service Manuals have a manufacturer part number). Maybe the online vendors will have a cheaper price than you could get from your local dealer.

Paul at Advantage Cycle (Site Sponsor) keeps the LTZ-400 manuals in stock...

Don't post links to a download anywhere on this site.
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