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Last weekend I traded my CR 250 for a poorly running 04 LTZ 400. Will not start when cold but after pop starting it and letting it get warm up it will then start easily with the electric starter but when you go to lay on the throttle it will just bogg out and doesnít have any power, after reading this forum it seems as if I have a valve problem because this is las vegas and riding in the desert sand blasting the stock valve coating off till the point they melt and warp, I need to check the valves but I have no repair manual, I order one today but it might not arrive in time, I'm trying to get this thing running by Saturday which is President's Day weekend at Dumont Dunes California and this is my only toy to take. Can any one tell me what hatch marks to line up on the crank shaft and where to line up the cams (took it all apart with out lining anything up first, didnít know any better) to check the valve clearance, which I was told .004 - .008 in. and ?? xt. if anyone knows these specifications?, I'm guessing mine will be zero and if thats the case will I need new valves or could I get away with shiming? If I do need knew valves, which I will also need explained to me, if anyone can help with any bits of info I should be able to figure it out but this is my first valve experience, I'm used to 2-strokes, thanks
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You could get away with re-shimming but if the valve clearance is zero I wouldn't re-shim it. You'd be playing with fire especially if the previous owner already did it to get one last ride on it.

Anyways look around at all the pinned topics at the top of each forum. The Hotcam install how-to has pics to show you what timing marks to line up and what to set the valve clearance at.
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