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Default 2003 LTZ 400 wont start

Hey guys so i just recently purchased a 2003 ltz400 quad i have only rode it twice, the first time i rode it everything was fine, then i took it out a second time and it was running fine till i stalled it in a water hole, then i started to hear a clicking noise in the motor.

So i checked the valve clearense replaced the cam chain tensioner and spark plug and now it wont start, i can get it to roll over but not fire and i hear a back firing noise, its like it wants to fire but wont. I was wondering if maybe the carb could be the reason or else i have no clue.

Also im kinda new at fixing quads im learning but may not know as much as you guys just letting you know, any help would be great. thanks
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welcome to the forum. get yourself a suzuki service manual, it will help you.

was the airbox under water? if water went into the carb/engine, you might need to take some things apart to clean water out and change your oil.

check the cam timing, make sure the chain didnt skip teeth while you were changing the tensioner.

drain the fuel out of the carb bowl, make sure its fuel and not water.

if its popping you probably have spark, but you can still be sure its constant and not intermittent spark.

are there any mods to the quad?
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no there are no mods to it, im going to take apart the carb and clean it but like i said im a first timer when it comes to this, I do have the service manual it has helped alot. I really hope this is the problem
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so i just re did the cam timing and i set it to TDC but it doesnt line up like its supposed to in the book with the camshafts on the engine block so maybe it skipped teeth? how would i fix that? also im thinking of taking the whole thing apart the top head of the engine and cleaning it all out because it did have it under water a couple months ago. It still turning over but just wont ignite/fire its really ticking me off
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Did you hydro lock it? You might have a bent rod/low compression if you did.
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hydro lock it?
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what he means by hydro lock is that the cylinder filled with fluid in which in ur case is water! fluid doesnt compress like air buddy so either u get lucky and the engine motion stops with no damage or in some cases the fluid doesnt compress and the pressure is releived by the weakest link normally the ROD!
do urself a favor and drain the oil and pay attention if there is water in it! do this! then refill and try! repost
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