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Originally Posted by spize909 View Post
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So I've come up with an idea. I think I'm going to keep the rolling chassis and build a mild torqey motor for it. Put front brakes back on it. There's a place we can go trail ride in the woods so I'd kill my self if I had the power I do now in the woods. Guess I need to start looking out for a stock motor. I'm going to still sell a few things off of it and my sons bike. Stay tuned.
I'm guessing that didn't happen......pretty sure I saw the roller in a pic.
Nah your right. I figured what's the point, there's no where to ride around here anymore except for mud riding. I sold Blackkawie the rolling chassis with everything on it and my sons complete Kfx400 with a stroker engine on it. Cheap too. All my tires and everything went to him. From what I hear that bike is now terrorizing others like it once did before. I'm glad because that bike just flat out worked. He's extremely happy with it and I'm a little jealous because he added the one thing I always wanted but could never aluminum frame. I turned around and spent the money on this. (And for the guys who know me well, you ALREADY KNOW what brewing right now. Yes, I'm collecting parts for it, I already bought a big ole cam, tuning software, drag radials, exhaust, intake manifold with bigger throttle body, ram air intake, ported heads, a stall and I'm getting ready to build the trans to handle the power). I need to find some better looking wheels and I ordered a carbon fiber lip spoiler to finish it off. Since these pics I put tinted film on the tail lights and a tinted license plate cover.

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