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ok guys, i made a quick temporary fix until i get the money to buy a jet kit, there are some holes in the airbox and i blocked off most of them with duct tape and the thing is running beautifully, it goes through every gear wide open with not a single sputter at all and it has Way more power. i have also found the problem of why the key wasnt working. there is a green connector and the clip broke off allowing the connection to come undone, i used a little hot glue and put it in the connector and its in there now, and i also fixed the starter button being goofy, before you would have to wiggle the wires to get it to work. it just so happens there is a little black connector box and one of the wires was loose and about to fall out. i shoved it back in and taped the box and that is working great too now. the last issue im having is that there is gas in the oil, i checked the oil the other day and it came pouring out for a little and it reeked of gas. i read online that the petcock is messed up and gas is going into the vacumn line. it said to plug off the lines and all should be well. if you have any recommendations please reply them to me and thanks for the advice
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