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  1. Performance parts!
    I've decided to get a better exaust for my Z, I know I'm going to get the HMF competition series, can I pair that with a Fmf powerbomb header? I'm looking for maximum power and noise isn't a big issue
  2. Suzuki Loft
    So I recently started up my uncles Suzuki LT50 which he has had since he was 13. I’m 13 myself so I really want to learn to do basic mods such as air filters and stuff. I’m eager to install a key ignition where I need to flick the key to the 2nd click and then pull the starter. I was just...
  3. LT-Z400
    I have a 07 Suzuki ltz 400 that makes the common clicking noise when I try to start it I Replaced the battery first and it didn’t fix the clicking noise. I then replaced the starter solenoid which also didn’t fix the problem I then got it to start turning over by tapping on the starter so I...