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  1. LT-Z400
    This winter I pulled my quad all the way down to do some powder coating and it was probably apart for close to 6 months, with that being said I finally got her all put back together and now it doesn’t idle. I did pull the cab apart but did not do any engine mods or mess with any carb jets. I...
  2. Tech Help
    I have a 2006 kfx 400 that I have loved but recently I have been having a repeating issue out of it. I first rode it in the rain and it would start to misfire so when I pulled the spark plug cap it was broke at the bottom and had a bunch of water in the connection, I ordered a new cap ( not oem)...
  3. LT-Z400
    Hello, I have an ltz 400 with the 434 big boar kit its has a 155 main jet amd a 25 pilot jet. It will idle forever but if I ride it around it will randomly die without worning. Then it is super hard to start for a while. I've completed taken the carb apart and cleaned it. I've checked the spark...
1-3 of 3 Results