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  1. LT-Z400
    I have an 06 kfx400 that needed its front lower shock bushings replaced. Everything was going smoothly until the bushing sleeve decided it wasn’t going to budge. I’m used to using heat and a whole lot of pb blaster but when it comes to heating up a shock I’m not to comfortable with what could...
  2. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    Hi guys I’m trying to replace my rear sprocket it’s bent..the hub will not come off I rented a tool and put so much pressure on it. The hub is about to start bending. Pb blaster for days sledgehammer etc. what can I do!? Thank you…04 ltz 400
  3. LT-Z400
    Hi can anyone please tell me where this carb hose goes to? Only one port on the snorkel and that goes to the black box and as far as I know this is an air hose so clueless right now. Thanks!
  4. LT-Z400
    Hi guys need some help. I recently cleaned my carb and the only thing besides that I did was take out the spark plug clean that and put a little power lube into the spark plug hole. Mind that before I did all this my quad was perstine and sound started right up no smoke now I put all the stuff...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi I’m Sam, I have a 2005 ltz400 and I have ran in to an electrical issue any help will be really appreciated, front indicator bulb was dim but all for still working I changed the bulb and now all 4 are not working head light brake light dash lights are all still working fuse on the starter...
  6. LT-Z400
    GUYS PLEASE DONT START WORLD WAR THREE Now that that's out of the way I recently bought a 04 ltz 400. The kid who had it before me flat track raced it was pretty good too. I asked him about the quad and he said that he raced built 450s and beat them as well as raptors. I asked about a stock 450...
  7. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    Hi all I am sitting with a problem on my 04 ltz 400, when I put it in first gear, and release the clutch to pull away, it doesnt take and then all of a sudden when my clutch lever is like half way through release the bike moves/jumps unexpectedly, feels like something is biting or holding it...
  8. Tech Help
    I have a 2006 kfx 400 that I have loved but recently I have been having a repeating issue out of it. I first rode it in the rain and it would start to misfire so when I pulled the spark plug cap it was broke at the bottom and had a bunch of water in the connection, I ordered a new cap ( not oem)...
  9. LT-Z400
    I have a 2005 mint ltz400 (completely stock except for a slip on pipe) and I was thinking about selling it for a 2004-2008 (carb) yfz450. I ride very rough and rocky trails and I go to the sand dunes once a year. My ltz is a dream on the trails, and I’m worried I’ll be disappointed with a...
  10. LT-Z400
    I have an 03 z400 but it recently was crashed and the front bottom part of the frame by the lower a arm is bent in so now it pulls hard to the right, I just want to know is it easy to replace the frame and if so how should I go about it.
  11. LT-Z400
    Hello, I have an ltz 400 with the 434 big boar kit its has a 155 main jet amd a 25 pilot jet. It will idle forever but if I ride it around it will randomly die without worning. Then it is super hard to start for a while. I've completed taken the carb apart and cleaned it. I've checked the spark...
  12. LT-Z400
    I can wheelie pretty good if I’m going a decent speed been practicing in first and second but when I try to slow walk it in 1st and I’m at 12 o clock it just cuts off instantly as soon as I hit 12. Can anyone give some input?
  13. LT-Z400
    Does anyone know a place that can respring and revalve my 2005 Ltz 400 rear shock? I have searched and messaged a few places but haven't had any luck.
  14. LT-Z400
    Hello everyone this is my first post! I have been looking far and wide for the trail tech z400 fatbar clamp for my 2007 ltz. I’ve looked on ebay and multiple places on the web. I know they’re discontinued but there’s gotta be some out there somewhere. If you guys have any ideas of where to look...
  15. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    Ok im going to try to adjust my valve today on my ltz due to it not starting but if that dont work imma shim them but is there any tips i need?
  16. LT-Z400
    Ok i have a 2008 ltz 400 and i rebuilt it about 5 months ago. It ran fine around 3 months ago until it started having starting issues it seems like it’s extremely cold blooded. Ive rebuilt the carb 2 times in 7 months and i just put a stock jet in it. But its still doing the same exact thing. It...
  17. Performance parts!
    Hello I was wondering what mods are worth getting for more power like a intake and exhaust and jetting and what are people running also what exhaust are loud and aggressive sounding?
  18. LT-Z400
    Just got my ltz services had my clutches changed one way bearing, fly wheel and complete oil and coolant changed and starter and for some reason it’s take forever to crank and batter dies super fast! help plz
  19. LT-Z400
    I have a 07 Suzuki ltz 400 that makes the common clicking noise when I try to start it I Replaced the battery first and it didn’t fix the clicking noise. I then replaced the starter solenoid which also didn’t fix the problem I then got it to start turning over by tapping on the starter so I...
1-19 of 21 Results