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  1. LT-Z400
    I have a 2005 mint ltz400 (completely stock except for a slip on pipe) and I was thinking about selling it for a 2004-2008 (carb) yfz450. I ride very rough and rocky trails and I go to the sand dunes once a year. My ltz is a dream on the trails, and I’m worried I’ll be disappointed with a...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi does anyone know the exact dimensions of these screws? And where to buy? Thanks
  3. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    Hi guys I’m new to the quad world and I have a few questions. I just got a ltz400 when I bought it I saw the choke didn’t work so I went on and watch some videos about how to remove the plunger sense was stuck in the carb, after a few minutes I manage to get it out!! I got a couple new plungers...
  4. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    Is there anyone that i could send my bottom end to get rebuilt?
  5. Performance parts!
    Ok guys i was really wanting to get some stage 1 cams for my z it is only tuned for a dg exhaust other than that its stock but will stage 1 hotcams hurt the motor and will it make any noises?
  6. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    Ok guy im going to replace my timing chain do i need to put the teeth on certain links on the chain sprocket like the cams? And any advice on putting piston rings in?
  7. LT-Z400
    Okay I thought this was the heat shield rattling but it isn’t whenever I’m in gear and driving usually in high revs the bike will rattle or buzz really loud and I don’t know where it’s coming from it does it sometimes in neutral but most of the time it’s while it’s in gear if someone tells me...
  8. LT-Z400
    I live in ky my elevation is around 400ft I have a team Suzuki yoshi slip on and a uni filter air box lid on, snorkel on ( no point of removing it I’m not racing it) but I just want to know what jets I should run and where my needle should be thanks.
  9. LT-Z400
    Ok so my 03 z400 has a block off plate on the caliper but it still has the parking brake setup on the handlebars I was wondering if I could take it off without causing any problems anyone know?
  10. LT-Z400
    I have an 03 ltz 400 and at mid to high rpms I think it’s the heat shield on the exhaust that’s rattling and makes a horrible sound anyone know how to fix this?
  11. LT-Z400
    Hello, i have a issue that when i turn the key nothing happens (no lights and it wont start) but i can push the quad to start and it keeps running and the lights and everything works. Battery works fine.
  12. LT-Z400
    Hey if anyone could help I’m having a problem finding what jets to run in my ltz 400 I have a 13:5:1 high comp piston an a lexx mx exhaust can anyone help me get it dialed in ?
  13. LT-Z400
    So I just replaced my starter clutch in my 05 ltz 400. Before I put it in the starter would just spin but nothing would happen. Now when I try to start it it sounds like its gonna start but then it never fully starts. The battery is fully charged so it's not that.
  14. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    I recently installed a power commander 5 on my 2013 Ltz 400 along with a full exhaust. After installing the programmer the quad would hesitate when mashing the gas from idle in only in second gear it seemed. I took the power commander off and tried again and it didn’t do it anymore so I...
  15. LT-Z400
    Hey guys, I've got an 07 z400 that I'm looking to change the wiring harness on. My question is, if I buy a harness from 04 with the cdi will it fit on my bike?Or are there more differences im not aware of than just the cdi.
  16. LT-Z400
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum. I am the dedicated mechanic for my girlfriend’s ltz400 that she just bought a few weeks ago and it has some issues I can not quite figure out. Here is what the bike has: Yoshimura pipe (not sure if its full of slip on) and we just added a spark arrestor to try to...
1-16 of 16 Results