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  1. LT-Z400
    Hey if anyone could help I’m having a problem finding what jets to run in my ltz 400 I have a 13:5:1 high comp piston an a lexx mx exhaust can anyone help me get it dialed in ?
  2. LT-Z400
    So I just replaced my starter clutch in my 05 ltz 400. Before I put it in the starter would just spin but nothing would happen. Now when I try to start it it sounds like its gonna start but then it never fully starts. The battery is fully charged so it's not that.
  3. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    I recently installed a power commander 5 on my 2013 Ltz 400 along with a full exhaust. After installing the programmer the quad would hesitate when mashing the gas from idle in only in second gear it seemed. I took the power commander off and tried again and it didn’t do it anymore so I...
  4. LT-Z400
    Hey guys, I've got an 07 z400 that I'm looking to change the wiring harness on. My question is, if I buy a harness from 04 with the cdi will it fit on my bike?Or are there more differences im not aware of than just the cdi.
  5. LT-Z400
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum. I am the dedicated mechanic for my girlfriend’s ltz400 that she just bought a few weeks ago and it has some issues I can not quite figure out. Here is what the bike has: Yoshimura pipe (not sure if its full of slip on) and we just added a spark arrestor to try to...