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  1. Tech Help
    So I just started to notice that my kfx 400 makes a weird noise from the flywheel / coil area. It’s not a grinding or anything just a noise that’s hard to describe. It’s not to loud or anything. Sometimes it just does it randomly but if it’s not doing it I can get it to by pulling the front...
  2. Builds and Rebuilds
    Ok so i have a 2003 suzuki ltz400 that i just put a new timing chain in. When i went to start it it backfired and would not start. It has a new battery, starter, timing chain, k&n air filter, brand new spark plug, and fresh oil. When we retimed it we did 14 links between the marks and its now...
  3. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    Hi all I am sitting with a problem on my 04 ltz 400, when I put it in first gear, and release the clutch to pull away, it doesnt take and then all of a sudden when my clutch lever is like half way through release the bike moves/jumps unexpectedly, feels like something is biting or holding it...
1-3 of 3 Results