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  1. LT-Z400
    GUYS PLEASE DONT START WORLD WAR THREE Now that that's out of the way I recently bought a 04 ltz 400. The kid who had it before me flat track raced it was pretty good too. I asked him about the quad and he said that he raced built 450s and beat them as well as raptors. I asked about a stock 450...
  2. LT-Z400
    Hi there, I’m new to this and sitting with a issue on my 2004 ltz 400. When I pull away in 1st or reverse, it feels like my bike is stuck and then all of a sudden a noise and the bike goes, so I’m not sure if it’s my rear axle that’s causing it to stuck, coz when I push the bike it moves...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi does anyone know the exact dimensions of these screws? And where to buy? Thanks
  4. LT-Z400
    Just bought an 09 ltz 400 a month ago has been working fine untill lastnight. I was driving along and the engine sputterd for a second and then stopped for a minute. Then stalled on me. I could get it to start but it would stall when I gave it gas. I got the bike home and removed the dipstick...
  5. LT-Z400
    Ok i have a 2008 ltz 400 and i rebuilt it about 5 months ago. It ran fine around 3 months ago until it started having starting issues it seems like it’s extremely cold blooded. Ive rebuilt the carb 2 times in 7 months and i just put a stock jet in it. But its still doing the same exact thing. It...
  6. LT-Z400
    So I've had this quad for a few months and it was running fine, but now it will only idle for like 5-10 seconds. I've checked the valves, they are in spec. I just cleaned the carb, that didn't help. All the gaskets were just put in new. The spark plug is new. The spark plug wire is new. The...
1-6 of 7 Results