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  1. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    I’ve Searched Guys! I can’t seem to find anyone with my set up and everyone seems to have a different version of the FCR39 than me. So I figured I’d post my set up and pics so hopefully you guys can help me out. 04 LTZ400 Athena 435 BBK w/ Titanium Valves + HD springs. Port & Polish Hot Cams...
  2. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    I have an LTZ400 with an Athena 435 big bore kit and Hot Cams. I’ve done everything to this motor except for the simple DRZ gasket mod to bump up my compression. My question is I have everything apart and the base gasket split and I’m measuring each layer of thickness. My understanding is the...
  3. Performance parts!
    Ok guys i was really wanting to get some stage 1 cams for my z it is only tuned for a dg exhaust other than that its stock but will stage 1 hotcams hurt the motor and will it make any noises?
1-3 of 3 Results