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  1. Suzuki Loft
    Soo i bought a 03 kfx400 a month ago and always had problems with the start button on the blob . I took it apart cleaned it and still always had to mess with it to get it to start i looked at the wiring a bit and it looked like someone messed with it alot . Now id like to setup a start new...
  2. Builds and Rebuilds
    I have an 06 ltz400 and have damage to my left case and have decided to change out the bottom end rather than tediously replacing the left case. My questions are: (1)are there any differences in 03-08 bottom ends to 09-and up bottom ends? (2)If there are differences, what are they? (3) I guess...
  3. Maintenance/Repairs/Tuning
    Can only take off on second. My first gear just revs. Anyone know what that could be? Maybe my clutch is slipping. 3rd skips when going slow but other than that everything runs fine