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Can anyone give me some advice with tuning my 03 ltz 400? I recently installed some aftermarket accessories and it seems to load up with fuel and misfire/predetonate when I throttle it down. This doesn't seem to make sense to me with the setup that I have installed.? It has a huge power increase! Especially in the mid to high r's!
HMF Comp. Slip-On Exhaust(No Baffles)
ProCom Advanced CDI Box
K&N Air Filter Stock Box w/snorkel removed
Dyno-Jet 165 Main
Idle Mix 3 1/2 Turns Out
HMF suggested a 175 Main Jet with this exhaust but the biggest jet I received with my dyno jet kit is a 165. Dyno-Jet Kit instructions tell you to back out idle mix screw 3 1/2 turns(stock is 2 1/4 turns out). I also installed the Dyno-Jet needle which is at the 3rd position. I also installed a ProCom advance CDI Box which is suppose to give me an extra 1,000 rpm's with it's spark advancing.
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