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2 is just not enough!

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Whatta think? We got them like a week and a half ago. the second pic is getting them.
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Well.....I'm speechless...

Seriously....thats cool guys will surely love them.

Jamey & Al (2 Z's) should change your name to "Triple-Threat" :twisted:
If I may ask...why do you need three? Kids? Race/Practice bikes?? The otehr for trail? Do you want to be able to ride with your friends like Al got the one so Jamey could ride too?
"Al you are cool dude!! That was really nice of you to do!!!" :)

I think if I even had two quads I would have a race and a trail set up one.

Thanks for posting!! It's cool to have the "dealership look" in your backyard!! lol
Get three good riders who can wheelie, take your truck and sit in the back with a camera. Now find a paved long stretch and take a pic of all the Z's doing a wheelie at the same time! That would look cool, or better yet take some video of synchronized(sp) movements, like the swimmers. hehe

Looks good man. Hope to see some good action shot from you in the future!
Damn!! Must be nice to afford 3 new quads plus a nice quad hauler! i'm goin' to have to work my a** off to beat that! I'm jealous! :wink:
as far as the quads go, one is mine, one is my dads, and one is my cusins. and my little brother got an lt-80
That's crazy. Looks like a tour group or something. Not on Z's though!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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