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I could be mistaken, but I don’t remember seeing that wire connected to the battery.
That wire connects to battery on the NEG side.

I am having the SAME problem. I did the same thing. replaced the harness with a used good one. Actually, TWO! I bought a harness for an Eiger400 by accident. Most of it is the same, but some connectors are different up front. I thought that was the issue, so I bought another. Mine is a 2008 bike. I also changed the stator, solenoid, and start stop control switch with a BRAND NEW one. The bike came to me with a toggle switch that was an ignition override. With the "new" harness, the key works again. The fan sensors are deleted, and the fan comes on as soon as you turn the key. I assume it is just always running.I finally bought a new CDI but still nothing.

However, I tried to jump my solenoid across the two large wires, but nothing happened.

I just bought a new starter, and installed it. I tried start it and nothing .... I have NEVER heard a click from the relay. I have 2 others ( 04 KFX, 03 LTZ ). Those run and relay clicks. I have put 2 different relays on. I also used a multi-,meter and put it on "wire trace" continuity. If I hold it on the small wire to the relay and push the start button, it will beep with every press. I believe that wire is Yellow and black stripe.

I am at a point where I just want to learn how I can minimally wire it to run. To hell with all the safety checks of clutch, neutral.

On my 2004 the high temp light on dash came on once. Could the fact that my temp sensors are bypassed be the issue?

I have watched so many YouTube videos and no luck. I have 3 manuals! The CDI in the wiring diagram shows a flat row of wires, but the CDI is double stacked!!!! The order does not even make sense. I am thinking maybe it is a ground wire issue, but where?
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