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Ahoy fellas,

With the rise of cheap 3D printers, I feel this might be useful to someone, sure did the trick for me! I was in the process of relocating my key to the reverse hole in the fender and realized that it was going to need some sort of spacer. After a few (7) design attempts, I ended up with a finished product that works flawless, and I feel looks like it belongs there. I used some PLA I had lying around and printed it on my Ender 3 with 100% infill and 20% supports. Perhaps this can save someone some screwing around designing a part. If I find flaws or improvements as time goes on, I'll add them to this thread. Here is the link to the file: LT-Z 400 Key Relocation Kit @ Pinshape

Sorry, the pictures aren't the greatest.

Anyone else print any cool things for their Z? If so, please share below!


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