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ac racing for the z400

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ac racing products r finally avaliable for the z u have to phone in the order or go to ur dealer
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I was about to get the swing arm and chassis skids, but then I found out I have to get the AC bumper to fit the chassis skid...and they dont have A arm guards, and it would be a month or more before they had the nerfs to send I just canceled the order and got PRM skids, and Im still looking for nerfs...i just might get the AC nerf...
i have no need to worry all i do is motocross on my Z and my kx125 so no skid plates for me just a duncan bumper and ac nerfs
I have to get nerfs before i can bring my Z to a MX monday im going to order AC nerfs...they are the cheapest so far that will take less then a month for me to
nerfs r a requirement on ur tracks that is usually only for racing
Its a practice not sure if they are required, but my dad and mom are making me get them first...
o ic
Anybody know how long the wait is to get the AC nerfs? are they in stock? I went to my dealer today and they said they would have to call monday. Also do they have the pro-pegs w/ heel plates like the 400ex or just the normal pro-pegs? Thanks for the info.
U can get nerfs and peg plates with heel guards through Suzuki, their not to badly priced and their comfortable i have them on mine.
they are in stock at ac u have to wait to get them to the dealer i have no clue about pro pegs ive been waiting a week so far and nothing yet
I went in to AC Racing today to inquire about their nerfs. I had Mike (the head salesman) show me the propeg and standard nerfs to compare. Unlike past models, they are the same size instead of the propegs being bigger. The propegs are also the first to use the new wider pegs which are about the size of the Roll Design pegs. The standard nerfs use the stock heel plates, but the propegs come with new heel plates. I went ahead and ordered a set of the propegs which will be done on Wednesday or Thursday. My bike is in Trinity apart but I will try to install them and give you guys pictures since I will have them ahead of everyone. The Pro Armors are at least a month away and then I will be running those as part of my sponsorship and I feel they will look better.
White Brothers released their Z400 Nerf Bars, and they are pratically identical to the AC Racing Nerf Bars.
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