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AC Racing Front Bumper

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Here's what it looks like on, just in case anyone was wondering... :?

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i have the same bumper i think it looks good on a z
Adam, how do you like your pro pegs? I've been hearing horror stories about them on other forums. Everyone says that they are difficult to put on and that the heelguards break off. :(
they wernt that bad on instaltion but i dont like how the hellgaurds look with the bike so i dident try to put them on
Looks good. I really want to go riding now! this is the link to my pix. got to many to show. look at the ac racing stuff to see some z400 products. and yes we got the z propegs fixed!
Awesome, I'm glad you decided to come onto our great forum! Thanks.
Hey desertratt45, Is there anyway you can make a guard for the radiator hose that just hangs out waiting for a stick to take it out??? I have the Stadium bumper on mine and I love it!! I need the six pack also. Let me know if you can make one and I will buy it. You have a cool job dude!!!
it looks pretty good on a z. any one have pics of the duncan bumper on a z?
we had one come in the other day with a duncan bumper. so heres a pic
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Are the pegs on the Pro-Pegs interchangeable or not. Ie...when the pro-peg pegs wear down, or i just want to change them, can they accomodate ITP Roll Design pegs?
on the pro pegs we have not yet made an interchangable foot peg. the only nerf we have that is compatable with the roll design is our standerd nerf. the z in the pix has the roll pegs with our standered nerf with the ims heel guard.
barely leagal,
i cant tell you how much the duncan bumper is. you have to call them to find that out. sorry.
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