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Adjusted your valves yet?

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Just wondering if anyone has done this themselves yet. Was going to take it to a dealer but 2-3 weeks blows without it. I have adjusted them on the rancher but didnt know what I would be getting into with the overhead cams.
Looks like I will be getting the full manual soon...
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on my 300 it was easy. that is a SOHC, but the Z is a DOHC. dont know if it would change anything.

I believe the Z uses shims (discs) between the cam and valve stem. If the clearance is out of spec you need to determine the proper shim size to use. They probably aren't cheap. The dealers reuse shims depending on clearance to keep their cost down. There is nothing wrong with that because the shims dont really wear.
bumblebee is right, they do use shims. for this reason, you shouldn't have to adjust the valves as they do not often go out of spec. unless of course something is worn out. if it is out of spec, you have to do some math to determine the proper shim you will need. the tricky part is that you'd have to remove the cam to be able to replace the shim.

The dealer adjusted them for me when they did the first tune up. OR go to and they have a picture on how to adjust the valves on there web site. Just waiting to get my shop manual from the dealership. Then I'll do the work my self.
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