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Alba Graphics

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I think the Alba Action graphics kit for the Z looks nice. Does anyone else have graphics besides Alba?
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Do you know where I can see a pic of the graphics?
i just called ct and they said they have a graphics kit for it.
yup, those are ohlins, but kind of bike is that, the arms doesnt look like Z arms.

its either a z or a Raptor is what i think those a-arms belong to and man those ohlins shocks look sweet
I have never been a big fan of factory graphics, when I get my KFX400 I am going to peel off all of the factory stickers and put some custom stickers from Troy Lee Designs on it. He has some pretty sweet designs.
when i get mine, ima keep em for awhie :Dthen ima get a ceet seat cover and rx, and maier plastic :D
Thats a Z with aftermarket A arms...
I'm going to wait for other companies to come out w/ graphics kits. I don't like the ones i've seen so far.

I want some really cool graphics for when I buy it will be a long time before I buy graphics....
That suspension pic is from the Albe site with Ohlins and their A arms. :p
yup...the ohlins shocks are expensive...almost $2000 for full shocks (front and back) for the Z...
where can you find ohlins shocks at
I emailed Ohlins yesterday and they told me the prices for what they have for the Z.
yup...the ohlins shocks are expensive...almost $2000 for full shocks (front and back) for the Z...[/b]
If that is the price of the shocks in that pic then thats a rip off. Those are only single rate. I can get Axis triple rate fornt s comp. adjustable and a prgressive dual rate, fully adjust for the back for only $2050. Axis is arguably the best suspension along with PEP and soon Elka. But their is no reason to get a rear shock.

Yes we do make a very good shocks for the new Z400.  

For the front shock absorber we offer a triple rate spring set-up with either remote reservoir or piggyback reservoir, zero pre-load (self sagging device), compression and rebound adjustable and the price is $995.00US.  
This front suspension will lower your bike for better cornering and handling while giving you a good 2inches more of wheel travel.  
For the rear we offer a dual rate spring set-up with remote reservoir, compression and rebound adjustable with a self-sagging device (zero-preload) for $728.00US.  
Your rear will also be lowered, giving you 1 1/2inch of wheel travel more than the stock shock.  

We have made lots of testing with this new quad (witch will be featured in ATV Action in 2 or 3 month) and all our riders felt that with the new suspension, it gave you better cornering, handling and no bottoming-out due to the increas in wheel travel.  

Delivery time would be within 3 weeks of order.  [/b]
thats what Ohlins told me...
Thats good. I thought they wanted $2000 for that single rate. I still havn't heard much about Ohlin, i don't know if they have their valving right yet. But i don't know cuz non one has them. But i'm more of an Axis man.

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