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Alba's adaptor kit for the Z400 w/ K&N air filter

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I recently put my air filter kit on from Alba (max flow adaptor kit, K&N air filter and an outerwear ). After I got it on, the lid does not fully close on top of the air box. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem. E-mailed Alba about this a couple of days ago and they haven't responded yet. Going to try and loosen some bolts on the adaptor to see if that makes a difference. But let me know if any of you had this problem that got this kit from Alba.
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mine went on fine no problems at all.
The filter neck is cut at a slight angle you may need to loosen the clamp and turn the filter slightly also make sure the filter is over the flange on the bottom of the adapter, mine touched also until I made and did both of these things.

why don't you just try cutting off the piece that hangs? it's just there so the heavy dirt doesn't get on the foam filter from the snorkel or, just don't put the lid back on. no sense on having a k&n filter if the box is still choked up.
My lid goes back on with no problems, and my filter is pointing up towards the rear like they recommend.
Make sure you installed the airbox right. The computer goes on the inside of the subframe and not the outside. I put it on the outside and it never lined up right and it could be your problem with your lid.

The other thing you might be doing is trying to put the lid on backwards, make sure the snorkel goes towards the front. I don't know if you could of done that, but if so, you better get some sleep as your working to hard on that quad. :roll:

mine was fine, alba installed it, appered to have plenty of room
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