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Antoher use for that old beer bong

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I got around to doing my first oils change on the Z today. The drain plugs are easy to get at the element is simple to change, but in it a royal pain getting oil back in the beast. If you try to use a normal funnel you will get oil everywhere but inside the engine! So I ran a clear plastic hose through the" air hole " on the fender into the oil box and just stuck a funnel down in the hose. Poured 2 quarts of oil and didn't spill a drop. I knew I learned something valuable in High school! i hope this somebody out!
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We must have got up to the same w00ter at school
: i did exactly the same thing when i changed my oil a few weeks back makes things a lot easier.
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Did the same aswell, but if your stuck on the trails the radatior gaurds are easy to remove without tools. It's then easy to fill :rockon the tank up with oil. :rockon
did someone say bong???

please pass to the right :D
Puff puff pass. Don't bogard the thing. Less talk more fire. :p
thats a good idea, I just went and bought a clear hose yesterday for changing my oil. Without it, it is a pain in the butt to pour the oil back in.
oil change

but remember to only add the right amount of oil or this might happen................


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Exhales and passes it around. 8)
Dont you pass to the left? Well, anyway......
The beer funnel is great for putting oil back in. In a pinch you can get it back in using the top of a gear oil bottle.
Did ya bong a beer after you changed the oil..?
That would be a thick lager, for sure.
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