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Any of you adjust the throttle limiter??

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Have any of you adjusted the throttle limiter it seems like the throttle is very short on the Z. I haven't floored the quad yet because i'm breaking it in but when I floored it while just sitting on it it seemed to be a lot shorter then my Warriors. I know its a hard question to answer but if any of you can compare your Z's throttle to your old quad it would give me a better idea.
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I thought about it but didnt do it but if your concerned about getting full throtle take the boot off from the airbox to the carb and look in the carb and see if it opens all the way. Im just waiting to get a twist, I really dont care for thumb throtles.
Have you taken the throttle limiter off and see if that helps? I had mine set 1/2 way for break in and then i took it out after.

Has what set halfway Zero??? Where is the adjustment?
Yeah...Where is there a limiter????
If u look at the throttle box there is a screw in the back. Take that out w/ a small combination wrench and then just use ur fingers to take it out. I think the manual might have something about and probaly a pic too.


GREAT! i have no will power, so i will set it 1/2 and have some-1 hide all tool until break-in is sufficient
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