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Anybody put on a Motion Pro Twist Throttle?

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Just picked up the Z#2 and one of the Motion Pro Vortex twist throttle kits. Wow...that thing is not even a 1/4

On the green instruction sheet it says to remove the seat and gas tank.

This is my question. How do you remove those plastic 2 piece rivets that hold a lot of the plastic together without breaking them? I never played with those before.

Al is at work and I wanted to suprise him by having the kit installed on one of the Z's before he gets home. I just don't feel like breaking some of those 2 piece rivets.

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Press in the center part of the rivet and pull it out. Nothing to it. Remember to press on the other end once you have it out until the center portion you pressed to remove it is sticking out. Then when you re-install the rivet, insert it and push the center portion flush again.
Oh, I forgot. Let me know how the installation goes and how you like the Vortex. I have one in the garage, but haven't had a chance to install it yet.
Well....when it said to slide back the spring in the instructions....we thought they meant to unhook MOVE!

After about an hour and a half of trying different things to get the spring back where it was supposed to be...we finally got it. We tried fishing string....then a thin allen key worked. It was a PAIN.


Anyways.....the motion pro is great. We like it a lot. We will be installing the second Vortex setup on Z2 next weekend.



When tightening the throttle housing to the not overtighten as this will restrict throttle movement.

PS....we put on RED grips.

Jamey & Al
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