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Saw the following on eBAY today. Click here-->
Any of you guys have this item on your bike? What do you think?

eBay description:
"The hottest new trick part available for the Suzuki LTZ400 to date!!!! This red annodized thumb lever replaces that hard to use, pain in the neck, time consuming, very fragile stock reverse switch. Any of you Z400 owners who've rolled your quad onto that right front fender knows how easily damaged that switch is. And at a $57.00 replacement price tag from Suzuki, it's no bargain. This is a great opportunity for those of you whos reverse knob is already broken. Don't make the same mistake I did and buy 2 factory replacements. This new lever is a must have accessory for anyone who races especially GNCC. When you need reverse, simply push the lever with your thumb and downshift! No more wrestling with that stock turn style knob. YOU DON'T EVER HAVE TO TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF THE BARS!!!!! This is a huge time saver for racers. The lever mounts directly to your stock or aftermarket front brake lever and works with thumb or twist throttles. The kit comes complete with lever and bracket, cable, and plastic plug to fill the hole in the fender.

This shifter lever is awesome!!!!! The picture shown is the one I have installed on my Raptor but the Z400 part is exactly the same. Its the best part I've ever bought for it. Buyer pays $6.00 shipping and handling. I accept money order or PayPal. Good luck and thanks for bidding"

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if that guy thinks the stock one is hard to use and too time consuming....i dont think he needs to be riding a fourwheeler of so much power anyways =)
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