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Anyone from OK or ride Little Sahara, OK?

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Planning a trip back to Little Sahara, OK. Probably go in Oct. with a large group, but may be able to make it sooner. Go OU!!
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We go when ever we can but it still is not enough, probably will go again on Labor Day weekend we went last weekend (7-27 thru 7-29) a tad hot but we had electricity so we could run the a/c.

Boy they are starting to charge for eveything now aren't they? Showers and all.

Better be some more improvements coming.

We're gonna brave the heat next weekend. Aug 17-18. I'd like to go for Labor Day but probably won't be back until Oct. I gotta get an air conditioned trailer. Right now it's tent or hotel.
i thought i read somewhere's that there's usually a whole much of people out there on thanksgiving??? my buddies and i are try'n to get work something out, and make the trip out there on thanksgiving.. can anyone help me out with some info, or a webpage that there might be for info??
I think Thanksgiving is a big weekend. Not any kind of organized event, just alot of people ride that weekend. Here's a link for local info.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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