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Arctic Cat 300 stalling

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My dads AC 300 4x4 keeps stalling? Does anyone elses AC 300 keep stalling...we think its the float bowl so we are going to open up the carb and check it.
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I don't thinks it ur floatbowl, but check it anyways. I think its ur pilot jet, what throttle position is it stalling at?

it seems to stall more when its at an angle then on flat ground...
I would think that if its on angled ground, then it might be your float bowls. Does it do it all the time? or only when its cold? I heard a problem with some guy on his Z that had this problem, but it only did it when it was cold.
I'm not sure what ur problem is but i'll figure it out. I'll post later when i do.

It does it all the time...we are going to take the carb off and check the float bowl and maybe change the jetting...
ARG...we adjusted the float bowl, the jetting, and the pilot jet...still stalls! we are going to see if its a problem with the valves becuase my dad read in another forum that that was a problem with another guy and he fixed it by adjusting the valves...
clean your floatbowl and air filter, and then go run it at top speed for a while. this fixes my arctic cat every time after i sink it. these things are hard to drown out!
After we messed with the float bowl and jetting it stalled only twice...its better then before...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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