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At the Race....and a few others!

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Here's some of the pics from the race. NOTICE!!!!! If all you see is a little white box with an x in it.....then right click on the box and click "show picture".

Here's one of my quad at the track before the races started

Here's me coming off the first table-top...don't laugh..I'd only been riding for a month before these races!

Here's a guy doing a heel clicker.....he entered in the Beginner Class!

Here he is again doing a double can.

If you guys want to see more pics...just go here
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Your link isn't working. I have picturetrail, too and it did this to me. I think you have to put ?(username) at the end or something.

Yeah, I checked. It's:

This link doesn't work, it's just an example.
All I see is white boxes with red X's in them!

My bad guys...they were fine when I finished that post. Oh well, here goes it. Give me a few.
AHHH! This thing is really ticking me off! If you guys just right click on the little box with the x and click show picture it should work. Sorry I don't have time to mess with them now.
that doesnt work
If you can't see them....go here, they show up on my screen for some reason...but I don't have time to play with it right now...Later.
you have to make the files accessible to the public. when we, the non members of the site, click on it we get a message that says invalid member name.
Yeah! That's what I was trying to say above. :?
Just right click the picture take the url adress and paste it in the browser and then you can see them. That EX was catching nice air, are you planning on piping that Z?
Okay...screw it! Imagestation won't let me upload the images for some weird reason and I'm tired of messing with it. Everyone go to and where it says visit an album...type in Merriman. That's my friends two albums where you can find all the pics. Later.
Oh yeah! I almost forgot...Yama...I'm not going to put any aftermarket mods on the engine until I get a full race suspension...It's going to take about 5 months or so to get it. But once I do...I'll have the most expensive and important part out of the way.
Awesome pictures man, I wish we had a track here like that. These pictures just want to make me move down south where all the quad action is!! I want to go racing!!
Thanks Z400Central....I just got fed up too quick and had other things going on that I needed to worry about. I should have figured that out myself, but I appreciate the help and now I know what to do next time...but I think I'm going to use yahoo...because imagestation isn't uploading the pics anymore and I already got 'em on yahoo. Once again thanks.
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Maybe not host them...but I can just put the link here. So for everyone who wants to check them out.

I'll be updating them probable once every two weeks or so...and when I do I'll post a couple here and provide the link. My friend uses picturetrail and I can post them from that you've clued me in on the .jpg thing.
Nice pics!

That one dude is hittin some nice air and tricks!
Don't have any pics of just the truck, but here's a pic of the can see the truck in front of it.
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