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Beadlock Question

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I'm looking at beadlock rims, and I see the size as 12x7...and the tire size is 20x11x(8,9,10). How can I tell if the rim will fit the tire? And is a smaller sidewall better?
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Tires and wheels always confuse me. But the shorter the sidewall the harsher the ride but i think u get better sliding. 10" are what give u that and 8" rims give u a softer ride and for the best of both world u can get the ITP 9'

i would just stick with stock, they are awsome rims.

Well I someday want to get beadlock waht does size 12x7 mean?
Not sure but i think its 12in tall and 7 wide. But i probaly have them switched :?:

LOL...thanks for any
Yes, you got it right. Height x Width
ATVSport just did an article on this. As mentioned, the 10" are rougher in the bumpy section, but hook up better. The 8" are softer in the bumps, but tend to flex under pressure. The 9" are the best of both worlds. I ordered 18x11x9 Holeshot MX's to put on the stock rims. The stocks are lightweight and in all the years of riding and racing I have never popped a bead.
12x7 r for utilities. 7x10's r for the front.

all front wheels are 10 inch wheels the only thing u should worry about is the offset, and the width, I have carbon fiber wheels on my banshee and thats what i plan to get for my z400, they are excellent wheels, dont chip scratch or dull, and there much much easier to clean. go with a 9 inch tall back wheel, there a good compromise between a 9 inch and a 10, they ride better than a 10, but are easier to find tires for than a the 8 inch wheel and offer a comparible ride. as for tires if your running woods go with the new xcrs from holeshot their excellent, as for mx that opens up a whole new can of worms. too many tires to choose from for mx, each with the own special suite.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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