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Beadlock wheels

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Okay, quick question, what is the purpose of beadlock wheels? Do they help to keep the the tire on?
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as ur wheel tire assembly spins the tire spins by its self so when u are driving ur rim and tire spin but ur tire spins also with beadlocks the tire is held to the rim so the tire itself doesnt spin when the wheel spins
Short answer: yes, they help keep the tires on the wheel. I think cross country/desert racers use them the most in order to prevent the bead from blowing out in rough terrain.
Thanks guys!
would you use beadlock or re-inforced rims in MX?

i would use renforced for the front and bealocks for the back thats the cheapest way to go if u want rims stronger that .190
They make beadlocks with the beadlock on the outer side and a reinforced side in the inner
I am the average rider and I might enter a few races do you think that douglas .190s are ok on a set of good tires?

well when you race u tend to go into corners hard. tires with regular rims tend to pop off. I have seen my friend's tires slide off his rims on his banshee. If you do mx i would get beadlocks.
I have taken corners as hard as I can with my Z and I don't worry about the tire popping off. The tire flexes alot though. If you were to race 1 or 2 races a year I wouldn't get beadlocks, save your money for shocks or an axle or something. I've never run on a MX track so I don't really know how if the tires would pop off on the track or not but I have been to one quad race and I don't recall all the riders having beadlocks and not one tire came off the entire race.

Although beadlocks look really cool.
No u dont understand. They will not roll off stock rims cuz they have a rolled edge. Douglas does not however so they tend to slide off
I thought the D Ultimate .190's were coming with a rolled edge now?! I'll have a look later.
The Douglas Ultimate wheels do have rolled edges like stock wheels but the standard Douglas wheels do not have rolled edges.
If you do buy beadlocks buy the duals,, locks outside and inside. cost a lil more but you can change tires a whole lot easier :)
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