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which one?

  • sand skate II

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  • sand sharks

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  • maxxis roosters

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best paddles?

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which paddle tires do you think are hook up best? any of you guys tried or heard anything about the maxxis roosters?
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You big dummy. You forgot about Haulers. They hook up better then any other tire out there.
i'm talkin' about v-paddles not straight.
You should be more concerned with getting out there and riding. You should go with me to LACR for Labor Day. Only 20 quads are able to reserve spots and we need to practice our passing techniques on you. No excuses, no crying, just get out there and ride wuss, chicken, little girl.
Paddle tires

I bought some some sand skate II and they really hookup.A lot better than the sand sharks i use to ride on my old bike.sand skate II are little bit more than most paddles but well worth it.good luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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