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Best stock suspension setting for MX riding

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:?: I do a lot of MX and Trail riding with my Z and when on the track my shocks have bottemed out. Should I tighten them or loosen them up. :?: [/b]
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If you want to stiffin the suspension you would want to put more pressure on the springs. So you would tightin them. If you want a softer suspension you would take pressure of the spring. So you would loosen them. Make since. Let me know if you need some more help.

if you bottom out you have to tighten it. but makes sure it's not too tight or it will wear you out on the whoops.

I just bought my KFX400 and I went out jumping, I had the stock shock setting and it bottomed out and popped my right fender off. Now that makes me made becuase the plastic has the bend marks in it now. So now I tighten the shocks up all the way. What is the best setting for stock shocks and I jump around 5 feet. Thanks
the best setting is the same as every stock quad...set them aside and get some aftermarket boingers...yes they are exspensive, but they are the best mod you can make
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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