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billet headlight cover

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Hey u did it wrong, what u do is hit thr URL button, put the link in and hit the url button again.

that's sweet. i was gonna do that to mine but recess the headlights and put it over it. nice job.
does anyone have another way to cover or replace the lights?
i think it would look cool too if you take the lens off and have it tinted from the inside. another way is to put chicken wire where headlights go and place laser lights behind it.
titnted lights

I did mine blue. See photo on members page 3 under jason.
sweet, the blue light cover looks pretty trick!!
looks cool.... I think I am gonna get them blue bulb, if its applicable, and run it that way.....
i got some of that mesh grille from the fast and furious section at the the local advanced auto part store and molded it with my hand to the contour of the headlight cut out. then after that i hot glue it to the inside of the plastic. it held up pretty well, but after 5 races of constant mud and roost, i got roosted pretty bad by this guy on a yz426 quad and it finally gave way. now i got fullbore plastics and i am waiting on a quadtech hood to cover the headlights.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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