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Carbon Fiber Warning Labels - Pics

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Here they are:

Im still waiting on my tank cover and side pieces.
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Looks sweet aproy, i've seen pics of the tank already and that looks awesome but haven't seen the cf on the side. Your getting the side pieces custom made right?
ya im getting everything custom made, the sides, and front hood/light cover combo, i was going to do the "dash" piece too but im gonna get tag bars instead.

if no one comes out with a radiator shroud, im gonna have that piece done as well.
hey, aproy, i am moving to NJ in 1 week. i am moving to Randolph in Morris County. You will have to introduce me to the guy that is doing all this work. thanks.

How much did that cost? And where did you get them from? By the way they look cool.
one of my friends is real good with carbon fiber, they were free!
Can you get them for me.Ill even pay you.Please
I bought Carbon fiber sheets. Looks as good as yours w/ no rivets....Did my Cannondale too. 23 bucks...
Lucky, how much would he charge for him to some work for me?

What type of Wheels are those's on your Z400. There not the stock ones are they.I am going to be ordering me a set of Maxxis Razor Tries and I need some wheels also.
Those are Douglas 190's w/ 18" Turf Tamers and 19" Holeshots on front. The fronts are brand new and for sale. Go to classifieds section....
How much offset do they have? I am going to be getting me a pair of Maxxis Razors soon, So i am looking for a good pair of rims.
Opposite offset of stock. It will add 3 inches to the width...
where can you buy carbon fiber sheets? Like an auto shop or something?
try ebay. i had mine made.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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