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Carbon Fiber Yosh Slip-on Finally Here PICS and VIDEOS

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Well i finally got my exhaust put on. It looks awesome. The Videos dont really show how much louder the Yosh pipe is than stock, but its a lot louder!

There are videos but they take a while to load. They are at the end of my imagestation.
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Bad-Ass! :twisted: I hope to get the TRS Pro with the Carbon wrap, unless some of the experts on this board can convince me there is something better. :roll:
i heard a yoshi pipe at silver lake ovr this past weekend and they are loud.does it add alot of hp or just like a few??
im no dynomometer but it definately added something. Before when i hit the throttle hard the wheels would come up and i would have to lean or keep the throttle mashed to stay balanced, now i just have to hit it, and feather it to keep the front balanced. i havent had a chance to get it out of 2nd gear yet but this weekend ill be able to open it up quite a bit more. its not only louder, there is also a more tuned sportbike sound with it.
hey looks really good, I love the sound, How much was it? and also where is the shop in the first pic, Is it moroneys in newburgh ny? looks just like it
haha, ya that is moroney's, its a great shop.
hey, if u go there we should hook up and go riding one time. My house in 7 mins away from there...
really? my house is only like 30 min from there and i go there a lot, my family and the moroneys are good friends. are there good places to ride up there?
WP has a dyno of a slip on Yoshi VS a Trinity Stage IV. The Trinity does much better, but it was a full system not a slip on.

That carbon fiber Yoshi looks very very good!!! I love it.
ya i thought about the trinity pipe. the reason why i chose yosh is because ive always had yosh pipes on my street bikes (except the duke of course) and i like their finishes, and sounds. Odds are im not goign to race, i just wanted a little more HP and the looks of carbon fiber. I like how it opened up my bike, more HP is always nice, but im already much faster than everyone i ride with but 1. so im happy.
yea, there are alot of places to ride, u should know... Jim moroney rides every wed. night with like 10 guys. I go like every week end. Its really good riding. maybe soon we could go, we could meet up at moroneys and go from there.Id like to see a z ride the trails by my house to see how it goes before I get mine.
sure we could, whenever you want. my schedule is pretty open for the next 2 weeks. i need somewhere to open up my new pipe anyway.
go to sarco during the week,iam going to ride out at sarco next sunday,still have to break in my z400
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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