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Carbon Fiber

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I am having the top and left and right parts of the body that cover the tank remade with carbon fiber as we speak. they should be ready in about 2 weeks. it should look pretty good.

when black plastic comes out everything else will be black.
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How much is it going to cost? I like carbon fiber but its expensive nut looks so cool.

what do they do to carbon fiber it?
we havent figured out costs yet. the guy is a friend of mine who has done a bunch of work for me on my 400ex, gsxr and even some pieces on my ducati.

once hes finished well discuss that. im not worried about it though. i just love carbon.
what do they do to carbon fiber it?[/b]
he makes a mold from the original piece then rebuilds the piece in the mold with carbon. the top piece is no problem but the 2 sides are what is taking so long with the mounting points and the holes.
oh, it does sound expensive!
oh, it does sound expensive![/b]
It will be worth it though cuz it'll be different.

ya i like to be the only one. 8)
to stand out in the crowd.
exactly. I may do the radiator shrouds also.

and number plates for the rear fenders, possibly a light cover.
wow, better get working, but promise me you wont shave the fenders, it would make it look to weird.
i cant stand shaved fenders!
they look real ugly to me, but nice on certain quads, but all the mud that flys at me, i couldn't stand shaving them.

it would look bad if you could have carbon fiber plastic. even carbon fiber plate your frame.

im already thinking about it. the problem would be flex. carbon fiber only flexes so much then splinters and breaks, where as plastic just gets that aweful white line going down from flexing too much.
I like 40ex and 250r's w/ shaved fenders, but its not the best thing if u ride in mud or water.

i like zs with cut plastic i was thinking of doing it like wp but my dad would get really mad

aproy where do u ride maby i can see the carbon fiber in person cause i live in west milford nj
fenders suck :p

shave em! i know when i get my Z ill be shaving em that very night......i dunno bout all the carbon tho, itl look aight with black plastics (ill be getting maier shiny black plastics when they come ou, shaved race fenders of course) but IMO the price just ist worthe it, i dun think dressing up a trail/mx quad is really that immportant, or needed, now TT, and dune dragsters are a totally diffrent story.....
Where do you find carbon fiber? I want to get some black carbon fiber to replace my warning signs on my left fender.
try ebay, they have tons of cloth on there, just search for carbon fiber cloth.

just try searching for carbon fiber cloth. you have to have someone make it for you if you dont know how.
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