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Careful-NJ DEP press release

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"DEP" has enhanced enforcement efforts to apprehend and summons all violators of current ORV regulations, which ban the use of all-terrain and off-road vehicles on public lands"

" To address conflicts and growing concerns, the department is currently developing a comprehensive policy for ORV use on all lands that are owned, managed, maintained or under DEP jurisdiction".


I was told there are going to be at lease 2 new riding areas, one in south jersey, one in north. Heavy inforcement for illegal riding is what the state is planning your backs, the fines are going to be stiff.
One site in northern NJ might be
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wow that kind of blows, where did you find that out?

and do you have insurance and registration? if so what insurance company are you using? and if im registered in Maine is it good here?
The state is going to be out there enforcing laws already in place. Good news is that they are going to dedicate land in northern NJ for people to ride. but when , who knows....
As for insurance, check out your homeowners policy, you can add a rider to it.
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