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Hey guys I’m so close to getting my quad back together and I ran into a problem!
I put my clutch back together and when I pulled on my lever it was real rough and not smooth. I checked over everything and took the push rod out to check the actuator shaft and it turns a bit rough and I feel that’s what is carrying over into the rough lever.
Problem is I can’t get the shaft out to inspect it cause years ago my chain broke and smashed my case in a bit making the whole not perfectly round. I never had a problem with it though until now.
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I tried prying it out with this angled poker thing lol but did not work.
How do you guys suggest I fix this?

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Yeah that a bad place for that to happen
luckily you didn't break the case
Aluminum is a odd metal to try reshape
Unlike iron based metals which are much easier to work with
Can the seal be removed from the out side? if so then:
you will need to heatthe bent area to 250 degrees with a small pocket torch to direct heat only where you need it &( use a infra red temp meter) to measure temp
be careful not to overheat it will melt in a instant & tap with a flat tip punch gently
you will massage the aluminum back into shape be patience might have to do a few time try not to straighten to much at a time
use anaerobic sealer when replacement of the seal to prevent leaks
Hope this helps & good luck
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