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ct racing pipe???

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i heard ct racing was putting out a pipe for the z very shortly, i was wondering if anyone has heard any horsepower figures for the pipe? if the horsepower figures are anything like the raptor this is gonna be one badass pipe hopefully better than the trinity IV pipe!!!
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i was told, through e-mail, that it makes 8+horsepower. they were supposed to have the chart posted on their website last week but i don't see it anywhere. price is $459.95
sweet, 8+ horsepower!! i'm callin CT on monday to order one!! also is ct gonna make a 440 kit or something like that?
I seriously doubt they're getting +8hp. I'd wait for a dyno to make sure its a good pipe, but ct always makes good pipes.

i'm sure they have a 440 kit in the works but i can't tell you for sure. i do know that trinity is working on a 440 kit for WP's Z.
I hope so I am going to need some competition. Thrshr, why don't you get the CT kit so we can compare? Crack open the wallet and tell the wife work was slow this week.
was the 8+ horsepower with a different air filter and with the lid off or... what was the setup does anyone know??
all they told me was 8+HP. nothin' about the intake.
i think i'm gonna get that intake system from trinity, it looks like the best out right now, and hopefully soon get a FCR40mm carb along with a 440 kit from ct (if they make one soon) and after i get that i think i'll have one kickin chicken!!! what do ya think??? hopefully it'll better than the trinity 440!
sorry, i ment alba action
Right now, my bets would be on TC racing. Doug Gust won the champioship w/ a TC engine, so i would think he has an edge right now. But the others will catch up soon.

Bring it on ladies. I am waiting.
The October Issue of ATV Sport has the CT 453 kit. They say the pipe alone gives 8 hp and throw a carb on for another 4 hp. They have prices on the whole kit which gives 18hp. The pipe is the most hp for the money.
I said i duobt it was making that much hp but i'm glad i wa proven wrong. That pipe makes alot of hp, i don't think any other pipe compares.

ordered mine last week but they dont ship out till this week :roll: :( .

ill have pics and review when i get it.
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