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Cutting fenders

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I'm considering cutting down my front fenders a bit. What is the best and/or easiest way to do this? What is the best tool? I would like the cut plastic to look as close to stock as possible (I mean the edges). Any ideas?
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I would like to cut my plastic as well, I would like to cut it to the point where the ridges on the front are gone. But it looks good the way it is, I'm just thinking.
Yeah, I like the way it looks now, but I really like race-cut fenders on other quads. I just don't know if I have the heart to slice up the fenders on my nice new quad... :?
a sawzawl would work great (i think). if you use a high rpm cutter, like a wheel, it might burn the edge of the plastic. to make it look factory, you'd have to sand the edges down alot and then sand it down again with like an 800-1000 grit sand paper.

WARNING:this is just a suggestion, i've never done it before but i think this would be the best way to do it.
when i trimmed the fenderflares on my truck i used an air die grinder. just touching it a little at a time made the cut almost sand it self at the same time then i was able to just peel the residue off. i think that a sawsall would be too hard to control to make the nice cuts, its too big.
on my 300 i just used a dremel. i plan to do the same on my Z. worked great.

I have not done mine yet on the Z..but when I did my 250r i used the sawzawl. It worked really good, I don't really recommend anything electric or air powered, it's easy to mess it up. After you have cut them, use a very fine file to get the edges down. It works great. You can also look and see how ct racing did the fenders on the current issue of ATV SPORT
Well, I just finished trimming the fenders on my new Z. It wasn't that bad of a chore. I used a jigsaw and followed the tape line I laid out. I used a rough sand paper for the final shaping and some finer stuff to make it pretty. The plastic compound is different from Hondas. My Dremel just balled it up and melted it as I cut. More mess than its worth using the Dremel. I'll do just a little more sanding on it tomorrow when I can park it out in the sun and really stand back. Be careful where you cut and try to keep an eye out for the mounts . I'll try to post a pic tomorrow.
In the new ATVSport Ct has a sweet Z. They cut the fenders just a little bit and i think it ooks awesome!! And I want their pipe, they have dyno and it adds about 5hp on bottom and 8hp on top!!

I used a jiggsaw when i cut my ex plastic. Then used a blowtorch where i cut to make it smooth.
In the new ATVSport Ct has a sweet Z. They cut the fenders just a little bit and i think it ooks awesome!! And I want their pipe, they have dyno and it adds about 5hp on bottom and 8hp on top!!

I saw the CT bike and that was the S$%!. So I did the same pattern they did. I used a Dremel, they have a bit that almost looks like a drill bit but is made for cutting plastic, then I used the Dremel again with a sanding attachment that rounded the edges perfect. I used this same technique on my Warrior and LT250R. Remember to get a china marker (grease pen) to draw your pattern on the fenders first (I cut the right side first because the where the warning labels are was harder to draw on, remember to remove the labels before cutting the left side), then lay a regular white piece of paper over your fender and trace it out. Cut the paper on your lines, flip (mirror) the template on your left side and draw it with the china marker.
hope this helps.
Front Fenders

:twisted: I myself have thought long and hard about cutting down my front end. But i know i am just scared im going to mess it up. I saw the awesome z400 in the mag and that is how i want mine. im going to try and cut it out will post final results.
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