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Ok so I’ll try to keep this short and simple. Was riding on my buddy’s track the other day and after a few laps I landed a jump and immediately the bike started a fast knocking noise. I killed it right away and began my bad mood phase!🤷. Afterwards I noticed the spark plug boot had popped off. Put it back on and started it up. Still knocking, shut her down. After taking the cylinder off I can see where the intake valves were hitting the top of the piston. I can NOT feel any play up and down on my rod and don’t see any metal or noticeable damage at this point. I currently have stage 2 intake & exhaust cams in the motor. So when I looked up my previous order for my valves on eBay it looks like I had bought “stock” kibblewhite valve kit with springs etc as opposed to the +1mm that I see are sold with the stage 2 cam/valve kit combos. So my questions are. 1) Is this the likely cause of my problem? 2) If this is the only damage that was done…. can I just replace the valves with +1mm valves and use the springs that I already have in it, set the timing/shims and be done OR do I also need the springs that come with the +1mm valves? Thanks for any/all help guys!


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