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Different years (LTZ400) interchangeable?

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I'm starting to get super confused ?.. I have been fixing up a used quad (2012 LTZ400) and ordering lots of parts and tinkering. It's almost as if nobody owns any Z400 after model years 2003-2008 lol or do these sites just not update their descriptions? Are parts interchangeable from 2003 all the way until now or at least up till 2012? What are the differences? Can I order parts for 03 - 08 LTZ's? Mine is EFI but I'm assuming shouldn't make much of a difference when ordering tires, wheels, exhaust, bars, chain & sprockets, etc. Someone shed some light please! ?
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Everybody did get lazy. The market dropped like a rock by the time the EFI models were released. I would be willing to bet that there are fewer EFI models out there than 03's. The economy tanked, and as it came back, it became all about the side by sides.

The rundown on changes by years is pretty much like this. 03 was the first year model. It's the only one with that 2 bolt chain adjuster, axle carrier, and swingarm. Also the only model without a removable rear grab bar. Different tie rod ends which necessitated a different steering post also. It had a black radiator and the fan didn't have the bladder like later models.

04 was just like 03, but had those changes that I already mentioned.

05-08 got a 1mm bigger carb with TPS, a different CDI and wiring harness. The cam specs changed but fitment is the same across all years. The clutch got bigger, and held a couple more plates. The frame was reinforced where the earlier ones had been having issues. The swingarm also got a little more reinforcement. They got magnesium engine covers which ended up being a recall on the mag clutch cover, and those got changed back over to aluminum. They got improved front shocks. I may have missed a thing or two, but I think that's most of it.

09+ got efi, and multiple changes related to that, like different cases to mount a different stator ect. The head changed, which has a straighter intake and different thermostat location. The body work changed and they got 1" wider a-arms, as well. That's all I know about, but I have limited experience with the efi model.

Tires, wheels, exhaust, bars, chain & sprocket fitment is the same across all years
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Damn... Thank you very much. I'm sure this helps more than just me.
I'm in exact same boat with 2/ 2012's.. I was learning in the summer but now February I'm already forgetting. I need grab bars,skid plates, on off switch may be wiring harness etc but don't know what works. Have you found a place or person that's helpful?
Structural parts will be mostly the same, like skid plates, and suspension parts. Anything body related, or related to the fuel system, will be different. When in doubt, look up your machine on an online parts finder, and look up an old carb model in another tab. You can compare part numbers. Keep in mind that the 03-04's have some differences even from the 05-08's
I think it will, but wouldn’t want to use it. It’s shorter with one less set of plates, so less friction.
Anyone know if the dash for a 03-08 will fit a 09-14 i know location of ignition key is different just wondering if i can use it for the lights and not ignition.
I have an 04 so I’m lucky enough that I can interchange between 03-08 no problem….if I do have a question about fitment RockyMountainATV
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