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What is "Drilling out the Pea Shooter"? Can someone explain what this is? How you do this? How hard it is to do this? What does this give u in HP gains? I am a confused about this. Help me out.


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On the end of the stock spark arrestor it comes to a small opening. The small opening looks like it would be used to shoot out paintballs. It's called a pea shooter because it's smaller than we think it should be.

Picture of cut out pea shooter

Check out the picture and then check out a stock exhaust (if someone has a picture, could you please post it?). You'll easily see the difference.

It's very easy to do, you just take a 1 3/8" holesaw (get it at any hardware store or sears) and drill it out carefully so you don't damage the spark arrestor screen.

What it does it make the exhaust less restrictive. For HP gains, they're minimal. The main benefit is your ATV will lug down to lower rpm's without stalling. If you don't rejet, your ATV will run slightly lean on the high end.

If you DO rejet, you'll need to do some other mods so you won't be running rich.
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