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Everyone Post your z400 pictures here!

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I just want to see everyones z400 because im gunna buy one soon and want to see what you guys have done to yours. So post away.

Thanks Kevin
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Look in my sig and look at Z400Central's gallery, my pics are at the end.
i don't have any pics, cause i've lost my digital camera, and scanner is screwed up, but i just wanna know why your selling your raptor

btw, you'll love the Z once you get it :D
Looks like maybe hes haveing the 01 tranny problems
IN the link under "new bike"
Ok, Here is mine after I brought it home the first day. I've had it over 3 months now and it looks a lot dirter, and lost it's shine.

I love it. I had a warrior, and this blows it out of the water. Fun to ride, easy to manuver. If you want a sport quad this is the one for you.


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what a coincidence lol, they all look the same lmao
Here is mine

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nice z's everyone
My z and friend Alex's 350x Honda w/ costom H0nda 250R rear caliper and modified swing arm skid plate. That particular caliper has 2 pistons. He has other mods but i don't want to ramble on. RIDEON!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
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Not bad I think
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