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F-250 Super Duty

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I know this is off the subject of quad and all...but, I was wondering if anyone out there has a v-10 Super Duty. If so, what can I do to get better gas mileage...I was thinking of trying the "Tornado Fuel Saver" but can't find any "REAL" evidence to back the guarantee. If anyone has any suggestions that are cost effective I'm all ears.
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I find this really funny. i have the same exact truck as you. I have had mine since Dec. Let me tell you fuel milage SUCKS! I have heard from my dealer if you put a k & N filter in it, and also do somethign to the headers/ exhaust you will get better gas milage. But who knows. Do you have a pic of your truck?
kill 5 injectors and when your towing, just plug em back in :roll: seriously, there is nothing you can do to significantly "better" the mileage. the best thing to do is to not have a "lead" foot.
That's hillarious...I was expecting someone to tell me just not to drive it! Yeah, I've heard that a K&N air filter and a good exhaust helps...but it does suck on mileage. I'll probably trade it in, I just recently traded my car for the truck..needed something to tow with. But I realize now that I don't need that much pulling power. I'll probably get an F-150 with a V-8...possibly even a GMC or Chevy...but I don't know. If I could find a newer diesel at a decent price I'd take it, but they're soo expensive.
well, here's a little story about me and trucks. i used to have a 99 silverado but had to sell it to buy a house. i then realized that all i really need is a small truck and got myself a tacoma. the money i save on gas is amazing and, aside from missing the power, i've been totally happy with it. my suggestion to you is if your pulling a fith wheel or a 20+ft. trailer, get a big v8 or a diesel. if your just going to haul your quad and a buddies, do yourself a favor and get a small truck like an s10 or a tacoma. you can put the money you save on gas towards your quad.
I'm leaning more towards a F-150 because the toyota trucks are kinda expensive. I'm pulling a 12ft. enclosed trailer with my Z400, a 250R 3-wheeler...a 200x 3-wheeler...and a gas cans, tools, etc. So I need some good pulling power when I go to the desert because of the hills I have to climb to get there...and I know that the toyota trucks have smaller displacement on their V-8's. I'd like to get a diesel because they last FOREVER and if you keep it long enough it'll pay for itself on fuel.
I'm going to post some pics of my quad at the race and some of my friends rides in the pics forum sometime today.
right on. you will need to get a v8 with good torque. well, good luck.

I love diesel pick-ups. They get FAR better gas mileage, are more reliable and have a lot more torque for low pulling power. You're right though, they are expensive.

You might not like this route but another truck I highly recommend is the Toyota Tundra V8. They are smaller than an F-150 but of course not nearly as small as the Tacomas. I think it's the perfect mix. The V8 in the Tundra absolutely hauls ass (power to weight ratio, refinement, smoothness) and I got about 17mpg hauling a small trailer on the freeway. My only complaint is the lack of rear interior space in the extra cab. It's fine for small kids but definitely not for adults.

Some things I like much more than the domestic trucks are the overall build quality ie. better plastics, much tighter tolerances and a much smoother engine.

Everyone has their preferences but just thought I would share my opinion. Good luck.
Thanks, that puts it into consideration. It's going to be a while before I make any decisions...looking for a good deal in auto trader...hehehe. I am also considering heavily on getting a 4-door so I don't need another vehicle if I want all my friends to come along. Once again, thanks for the review.
i'm sorry to say this but diesel does not get better gas mileage. it may seem that cuz of the bigger gas tank. just look at your gas bill when you fill it up from near emty.
To tell the truth...the newer ones aren't bad. They will get just as much as my V-10. And that's the reason I'd prefer one over the v-10...the price for diesel is usually cheaper than most places by a dime or more. Plus they don't drop as much mileage when they're towing something. My V-10 only gets about 8mi/gallon when I tow my friends's a 7x12 enclosed. He has a friend with a diesel that gets 15mi/gallon towing the same trailer. The reason I would want a v-8 is for rider comfort and mileage around the city. They probably won't be as bad on towing as the v-10, but won't be as good as a diesel either. At least that's what I hear from everyone.
I had a 2000 F-250 V10, got rid of it for a 2002 F-350 Diesel and I couldnt be happier. Now I get twice the gas mileage and twice the power. Costs about 30 bucks to fill the tank and I get around 220 to 240 miles per tank. If your going to run a truck that big especially if your going to lift it you have to go diesel.
My dad has an '02 F-350 Crew Cab with a diesel and he gets about 16.7 mpg. Ford's putting out a 6.0 liter (the current one is 7.3) diesel for '03 models, and it's supposed to have better gas milage.
i'm sorry to say this but diesel does not get better gas mileage.  it may seem that cuz of the bigger gas tank.  just look at your gas bill when you fill it up from near emty.[/b]
i'm sorry to say that deisels DO get better mileagethan a bb gas motor, , and it's cositant, loaded or not, i run a dodge 2500, 5.9 motor, and get about 11 mpg, my buddies dodge deisel gets about 16
Yep a diesel is not all that great on fuel but it gives you that fuel milage loaded or unloaded, thats the key to a diesel, so buy one if you plan on towing, and towing a 1500 lbs trailer isn't really considered towing.
I love my F250. It's got a big enough gas tank. I'm only getting 10-12 mpg
but I really don't care if my truck alone sucks the Alaskan pipeline dry of petroleum.

If pic doesn't appear then click here:
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The diesels are more expensive to buy and maintain, but last longer. When we went to Windrock last April we had 4 big utility 4x4 quads with all out gear in a 28' enclosed trailer. We pulled it with my father in-laws new one ton dually 4x4 crew cab chevy it has the Duramax diesel and Allison transmision. We figured the trailer weighed 9000 lbs which was not a load for this truck. We got 18 mpg towing down there, around town to the hotel and trail head and back. That is pretty good I thought, considering the mountains we had to tow through. But an oil change for that truck is over $30 and other parts are higher as well. If you towed a lot of heavy stuff this would be the way to go. But in the long run just using it for transportation it would be more cost effective to have a gas motor. But I like the diesels as well, and will have one some day.
About the Toyotas, I have a 98 Tacoma 4x4 with the 4banger and 5 speed on 31" BFG MTs. I drive 34 miles a day one way to work and I get 24 mpg. I can pull two quads on a trailer up the hills we have around here which aren't that much, at the speed limit. It has plenty of power and the quality is much better than anything I have ever had before. I have 78,000 miles on it and have done nothing but gas, oil and filter changes and clean the K&N. That is why my wife now drives a Tundra. The Tundra is made right down the road from my house I have several friends that work there. I work construction and worked on the plant for over 18 months. I believe the quality of the Toyota trucks is much better than the big three. Just my opinion.
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Mudcat, I couldn't agree more. I traded in my 96 Tacoma V-6 SR5 that had 135,000 miles for a 01 Tundra about 6 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. The Tundra runs GREAT and has plenty of power to tow anything I want with it. I have driven just about every other kind of full size truck and none of them compare to the Tundra.

03 KFX 400
98 KTM 200
99 KX 100
95 VFR
88 Hawk GT
01 Tundra SR5
Just got my 1 st diesel, it rocks, I love it!!!!!!!!! I pull a 20 ft enclosed, and in the summer I pull a 20 ft boat. I love the F250 4x4, 4 door, HUGE TRUCK. I get about 14 in town with HEAVY foot, and 16-17 on Hwy. Pulling load I get about 12-13 doing about 80 mph. I had a 2001 F 150 Supercrew, it was VERY weak pulling my LOADED 20 footer. It got 7 mpg pulling load on a good day. Diesel trucks are the way to go, if you pull a big load Pics of my 2003 FX4. Had a 2002 F 250 for a week then it got totaled :evil: , lucky no one was hurt to bad, the BIG truck saved us, it had 1000 miles on it. Lady was in my lane and hit head on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8O
I am going to tell you all something about big size truck, and i dont care what anyone says, always go with a diesel..... your gas mileage is double than that of gasoline.... and trust me, that extra four grand for diesel will save you that in under 50,000 miles of driving.... not to mention the diesel engine can do over 300,000 miles whereas the gasoline engine is only averaging 150,000 miles....

My dad has a 94 or 95 ford crewcab f350 4wd w/ powerstroke diesel. Last I checked he has almost 400,000 miles on it and still get 25 mpg....

soi all of you with gas engine, get rid of the truck and go diesel....
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