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Fasst Flex bars vs Precision Shock and Vibe clamp

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I’m debating between flex bars and the precision clamps. I don’t know which way to go but was leaning towards the clamps because of cost factor. I’ve seen some flex bars on FB marketplace for around 200 bucks that aren’t in horrible shape. If I do one of those then it would be cheap than new clamps but with the clamps I can choose my bend of bars. Just wanted everyone’s opinion. FYI with the flex bars I would get the Rox 2 inch risers with quad low bars. Also pros and cons would be nice.
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P clamps work but they’re not as noticeable. According to which elastomers you go with, flex bars can have a lot more independent give on either side and can be a bit weird getting use too.
The P clamps do allow movement but to me it feels more natural.
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