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front tooth sprockets

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well i have a 12 tooth sprocket on my 2001 Mojave and i want more top speed !!! :!: how much faster is a 14 tooth sprocket??

thanks davis :D
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come on guys!!

come on guys help me out !!! plz !!
okay, I dont Know for sure but I would expect about 4 - 8 MPH faster. But your gonna lose bottom end.
U should get around anywhere from 4 to 6 more mph on the top end but you'll have to sacrifice some bottem end power.
Actually, You want LESS teeth on the front sproket and MORE on the rear for lower gearing and more top-end! And you will loose some bottom-end.
You mixed it up. It's MORE on the front and LESS on the rear for more top end. I changed mine from 14-40 to 13-41 and the top end is lowered but the bottom kicks. It blasts off the line incredibly well like that.

In other words. A Z/KFX owner would change the sprockets to say 15 and 39 to gain some more speed.
Thanks for the catch. BTW, what type of sprockets do you have?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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