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What brand of fuel are you running


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  • BP ( BP is now owned by amoco)

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Fuel poll

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What brands and octane of fuel is everyone running
I am using Amoco 93 with a capfull of Marvel Mystery Oil in every tank.

check out this link for a laugh.. ride past your friends and then watch them stiff the air and look around puzzled.

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Personely i don't think it matters which brand of gas u run, whatever's closest. But i run 93 octane almost all the time.

fuel brands

Some fuel companys add alcohol to their fuel to increase octane. This fuel will have lower BTU than fuel without alcohol.
Also Too high of octane is a waste of money and can cost you hp also...

All companies add ahcohol but under 10% I still don't think it matters though, ur not gonna gain hp through better pump gas.

I always run 93, usually from my local marathon but whatever is close if Im on a trip.
I use Marvel Mystery Oil in every tank full for my deisel tractor, but never tried it in any of my gas engines. How did you get started using it in your quad?
Mystery Oil

My friend had a 350 Warrior that had a ticking noise. It seemed to run ok but the noise was loud, Assuming it was the cam he stoped riding it untill he had time to fix it. His grandfather traded him for his 250ex and rode it for a few days... The next time we saw him the noise was gone... Gramps Always added the Mystery OIL (It used to be called "Top Cylinder Lubricant" and he believed that it was one of those super treatments)..

what does it do and where can i get it?
Shell 92 octane[/b]
True thats what is in my warrior now cause all of the other gas places probably added water to there gas cause my warrior would run for Sh!t when I used there gas.
I usually get gas at Speedway, because they're like weeds down here in KY. There's like one on every street corner... I've been using 89 and I've had no problems.
I always like to use fresh gas from a local Hess station 2 miles up the road from me before a ride. I live a couple miles from the Manheim Auto Auction so they gas up THOUSANDS of cars on top of the local traffic EACH WEEK!
I know that stuff is fresh. I run 92 Octane there or is it 93 :?: lol
I wouldnt go higher than 94 unless my engine required it.

Ya know something else,as much riding as I used to do,even racing.... I never ONCE gapped a plug!!! I dont know why,just never did... I am going to make an effort to do so each plug I change periodically too on my new toy. I was also reading that antifreeze wears out!! I only thought after a LOT of use not regularly like engine oil!! I always changed my oil after every hard ride or every other ride normally,but never antifreeze. Another thing I will start to have to do. I am very picky about oil changing!!
I never had one engine have a problem,only rebuilt tops ends on my 2 strokes to keep em fresh. I can just say I think 20hrs is a LOOOOOONG time to break in a Z..... I mean if you ride it easy and slow for that long then you hammer on it anyways its still not going to be used to the high RPM's... I just will take it easy, go through all the ears for about 20min to wear in the tranny,change the oil, ride again for about 30min slowly too,let it cool. Ride again for 30 min reving a bit higher. Change the oil again.
Ride for an hour or so at a decent but not screaming pace. Let it cool Ride another hour varying RPM's only keeping them high for a few seconds.Then change the oil again. "expensive process"
Then it should be ready to go. :D And right before I get ready to hammer it gap and install a new plug,clean the filter again,and flush and fill the cooling system. Anyone else think this is bad to do??? I know valves and stuff have to wear in but that seems like a looooong time to me anyways. Thanks for the advice and bearing with my twist in topics... lol
I tend to get off on rabbit trails sometimes.
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Well i run 110/111 octane. My compression is 12:1 I get it from Sunoco
I use Texaco 92 (highest we got), but now a lot of the Texacos are turning into Shell stations.
I always use 93, usually from Shell.....would it screw up the timing if you ran something as low as 87?
VooDuu....there's a reason for the Shell/Texaco switchover. Texaco and Chevron are the same company. So when you buy shell you're buying Chevron and visa-versa. Shell and ChevronTexaco have interests in each other. It's a market share thing. So it sounds like Shell is looking at capitalizing on ChevronTexaco. Might want to watch the stock of Shell, could make some good $$ off it. (but don't take my work for it). :?:
I vote shell cause im in Nova Scotia so we don't get Amaco and Sunaco or whatever they have them in Toronto but I am in Halifax the capital of Nova Scotia and we arent getting them yet maybe in the future for now we got Irving, Esso, Petro Canada and SHell (I voted for shell since it was the only one that I have access to in my province.
Don't you guys got Esso or Irving down south?
i run vp c-12 this stuff is great alittle on the pricey side about 6 bucks a gallon you would be able to run all the way up to 13.5 to 1 with this gas
I run mobil 93, i usually dont care what brand it is as long as its not exxon.
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