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Full Yoshi vs HMF slip on. My thoughts??

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The HMF slip on has more grunt down low, but the full Yoshi has better overall power everywhere else. Ran them up Utah's Sand Mtn and the full Yoshi seemed to pull a little more. The HMF is still a great deal and if your a woods guy you won't be sorry..I reeled in 5 DS's and 3 Raptors on the flats yesterday. We all raced at once and the Z won most of them. I wasn't running paddles, because they're over rated!! My Cannondale couldn't pull top gear w/ paddles and geared 2t smaller on the rear. People were surprised how well the C-dale did too...I beat a few Raptors and Ds's up the hill w/ no paddles and I gave them a head start. I did lose also. Can't win em all!!!
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Wow good to here that
Which one is louder? I've never heard of paddles being overated.

Cool. Thanks for the report. My HMF should be here tomorrow. Do you think it would slip onto a Yosh pipe? That would be a neat power test for you. Silencer to silencer comparison.
They are both loud..... Paddles get you out of the hole better. They work good on very very steep dunes and on smaller hp machines like 400ex's and under. I beat a Ds and Raptor up Sand Mtn on my C-Dale and wasn't running paddles. The higher hp 4 strokes have enough grunt that they don't need them...
Never heard that before..... :roll: so how come all these super duper modded shees arnt running stock tires? they run all paddles?
I think the super duper modded ones r not running ur normal paddle tires. I think they have tirres with like 20 paddles (not sure...)

They're overated for Ds's Raptor's, C-Dales, Z-400's. Any two stroke will spin miserbly w/o paddles. Click my signature and look for Quads at the dunes and the photo thats says three Raptors.
I know my Scrambler sure needed them. Don't know about the Z yet.
looks like the paddles throw a lot of sand compared to yours but not any farther up the hill than you are they.
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